Monday, 18 August 2014

Back to Banff x

Back in Banff for almost a's always odd/disorientating/unsettling to return here after being away for a long time but we're slowly adjusting to village life again....the day we flew out of Helsinki it was 32 degrees and right now in Banff it's only eleven degrees with torrential rain . We have two woodburners in the house and they've both been lit for the last week which is all and fine and cosy but it's only August yet!

We camped out on the beach the day after we returned...we live in a beautiful Georgian listed house in an area called Old Seatown and while this sounds romantic and charming the reality of living in an old house is non-stop maintenance, leaks and stress!  The house had flooded in our absence so we decided a night of camping was needed to transition to our leaky home....

These rocks are in Scotstown, Banff, a beautiful part of town by the harbour which originally housed fisherfolk....It's a two minute walk from our house...We had such fun playing here pretending a small seaside city out of these awesome rockpools x

sea haar

We also spent a weekend at the fabulous festival Belladrum thanks to Joost who supplied us with a brilliant bell tent!
and we bumped into my mothers neighbours from Banff also...the brilliant Harry!
circus skills

the walled garden at Belladrum is amazing x
and this old-fashioned carousel is such a treat...Malika spent a lot of time on it two years ago when she was three but she couldn't remember this at all...
and today Malika started school.....she is delighted with her new teacher Miss Smith, who reminds her of Miss Honey from Roald Dahl's Matilda....
So all in all we're back in a solid's a long way from Lapland, Helsinki white nights and sailing to Estonia to see Patti Smith but right now we're back and right now this is home.

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