Sunday, 13 December 2015

Mystery of the Disappearing Dolphin: Book Review

Hooray! - Another "Pack-N-Go Girls Adventure Series" book to review! 

The Pack and Go Girls series was set up to deliver positive messages around independence, adventure, and global awareness. 

So far the books have been based in Mexico, Thailand and Austria and the publishers hope to publish a Brazilian based book in the near future...

After previously reviewing a book based in Austria called the "Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost," the publishers got back in touch to ask us to review "Mystery of the Disappearing Dolphin."  This again sounded like the exact kind of book Malika (5) and Ameenah (2) would love!  Like the "Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost," the book is divided into ten short chapters,which were the perfect length to engage Malika.  Malika is really into chapter books at the moment (her name!)  and I felt that this was really suitable for Malika's age range (5+).

The story is based in Mexico and effortlessly introduces Spanish into the story.  Like Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost which has a  small Say It In German!  vocab list at the end of the book, the Mystery of the Disappearing Dolphin has a small Say in it Spanish vocab list which Malika loved discovering at the end of the book.

It was wonderful to look at the map of Mexico in the front of the book and then find it on our globe.

Here is Malika looking for Mexico on our globe!

Welcome to Mexico!

The book is set in the port town of Barra de Navidad.  Two friends, Izzy and Patti discover a beautiful glass dolphin that Izzy wants more than anything.  Strangely it disappears before she can buy it.  Later on it reappears in Izzy's bag and Izzy can't believe the trouble she's in.

Malika loved imagining how Izzy would feel to think that she is in BIG trouble; we also enjoyed discussing why honesty is the best policy,no matter the outcome...

 Ameenah, Malika's sister, loved reading about dolphins because they are her favourite animal!!

Malika's Review: 

"My favourite character in this book was Patti because she is funny and she has good hair which is nice.  I thought this book was great because it was so strange and mysterious.  I think the person who wrote the book deserves a medal! xx"