Thursday, 25 September 2014

Princess Nevaeh - Book Review!

My daughter Malika Afif-Watt who is four years old reviewed this book.  Here she is in her Estonian princess dress!  This picture was taken when we were in Tallin in July 2014.

"I really liked this book - please can you send me more Princess books!  I loved the pictures and illustrations.  I liked the story - it was amazing!  I liked learning about how to be a princess and I am going to tell my friends at school how to be a princess.  The story taught me about how to be kind - be helpful and say nice things and nice words.  This is better than saying ugly or smelly words!  Yes indeed! 
I think after reading this that a princess should fold her clothes and hang them the right way. 
I like doing a book review because it is fun.  If you come to Scotland or I go to your country, I will share my princess book with you anytime!" Malika Afif-Watt

Malika and I enjoyed reading this book together and it makes a refreshing change to find a princess book about emotions and behaviour instead of image.  (Although we love the books Princess and the Pigsty and The Worst Princess which also promote the idea of non-conformity!)

This book asks us to "Look inside your heart!" and focusses on positive behaviour.  Mimi, Princess Naevah's grandmother, tells us that Princesses "never hit, kick or bite." 

My youngest daughter Ameenah bit Malika on the arm tonight so I think I will have to read it again!

Anyway an enjoyable read with a positive message - Thanks!  Emma Afif-Watt

Here is a link to the authors home-page:

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  1. I love Malika's review! Definitely no smelly words if you want to be a princess!

  2. This is great. Thank you Malika or reviewing Princess Nevaeh. You truly are a princess yourself.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words! We are a real family of bookworms and it was a pleasure to review this book! Paulette if you have any more books you would like reviewed please send them this way! Love Emma, Malika and Ameenah xxx