Friday, 5 December 2014

Dances of India - Book Review

Malika's Book Review

"I loved this book and learning about Indian dances; I read it and then listened and danced to  Indian music with my mum and sister Ameenah - I really wanted to dance like Maya and Leela.  I hope everyone can come to my house in Scotland and share the music and stories with me.
Maya and Leela were really nice people - I am like Maya and my sister is like Leela.  I would love to go to India so I will go and pack my bag now.
I have loved reading this book and learning to dance, dance, dance - I should practice more at home.
Also I loved the rhymes.

"All across the land, music fills the air - That's because in India, dance is EVERYWHERE!"

After listening to to the rhymes in the story I made up my own!

"The rhymes are good
I really want to have a look
Everyone should go to India and see
Or come to Scotland and
explore Maya and Leela with me!"

Thank you for reading my book review - Malika Afif-Watt x

Here is the Amazon Book Review:

And here is a link to all the wonderful Indian music that Maya and Leela love to dance to!

And a link to the authors website!

Thank you for reading my book review - Malika Afif-Watt x (This is me and my sister Ameenah in Morocco, two weeks ago - we went to visit my grandmother) xx

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