Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review of KidWorldCitizen Chinese New Year 2015 teaching pack

Well it's been another Chinese themed weekend here in Banff, North-East Scotland, in anticipation of the Chinese New Year of the Sheep.

We spent Saturday making Yunnan Eight Treasure Rice Pudding, which is quite a typical desert to eat for Chinese New Year.  We'll be sharing this recipe on February 27th as part of the Multicultural Kid Blogs, Chinese New Year Series.

And today thanks to Becky over at KidWorldCitizen, we spent the morning trying activities from her brilliant Chinese New Year teaching resource aimed at PreK, Kinder and 1st Grade.  

This was perfect for us as Malika is five and Ameenah two - the pack was full of wonderful activities that suited both my girls.

The pack started with a great overview of the Cultural Background of Chinese New Year and advised that it is very typical for Chinese families to clean their homes from top to bottom, to clean out bad luck and misfortune before the New Year starts...We attempted a little tidy up before starting the activities but as anyone with two under-fives knows this is easier said than done!

Becky has also included a great list of recommended Chinese New Year books...I've bought the girls three different Chinese New Year books this year so it was nice to see some new recommendations.

The girls loved these "Count the Spring Blossoms" by ten sheet and it was easy to adapt these for both their abilities, with Ameenah able to colour in and Malika able to attempt the mathematics.  An additional activity could focus on teaching numbers in Mandarin.

Again this sheet was really adaptable for both Malika and Ameenah and they both really enjoyed coloring and counting the mandarins, Chinese lanterns and lion dancers.  Again this activity could be extended to counting in Mandarin or teaching some vocab.

Malika started P1 in August last year and she is developing her confidence in reading and writing; she loved this series of worksheets to encourage writing on the theme of the Chinese New Year.  Becky's pack also included writing sheets for "hanging lantern," "Chinese New Year", ""red envelope" and much more...

Malika loved this "Colour the Lion Dancer" worksheet as she said "I love colouring and counting!"  Once again an extended activity could involve teaching the colours in Mandarin in either pinyin or characters.

The pack, which is over 50 pages, also included listening exercises, craft activities (making lanterns and red money envelopes), flashcards and much more.  Becky has created a wonderful teaching resource which can be adapted for the classroom or home school environment.  And we still have many more activities and worksheets to try so.....

谢谢 Becky! (xie xie Becky!)  xxx Love Malika and Ameenah xxx

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