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Lebanon: Multicultural Kids Blog Global Education Series

HELLO!  It's been a long time... Summer has passed in a flash, I've started a new job as a social worker for BME children in a multi-cultural center, we've moved to Edinburgh, Malika and Ameenah started back to school today and the Edinburgh Festival is in full swing...

So apologies for the lack of blogging!

We were very keen to write about Lebanon as we have a lovely Lebanese-Australian friend called Sara, who moved to Banff, Aberdeenshire after getting married...She always used to make Lebanese Fattoush for us when we visited and we loved this fresh salad as it has so many layers and flavours, and most importantly it always reminded Sara of home.

Sara gave birth to a beautiful boy named Zayn a couple of weeks ago, (hamdullah!) and we are really looking forward to travelling back to Aberdeenshire to see all of them.

Malika drew the picture below of what she imagined Zayn would look like....

While hunting out her recipe for Fattoush, Sara reflected on being brought up in Lebanese culture while living in Australia....

"I've never been to Lebanon but I was pretty much raised with Lebanese culture and traditions so it's had quite an influence in my life. My parents had migrated from Lebanon because of civil wars in the 70's. I was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia. So I guess I got the best of both worlds; influences from multicultural western society and Lebanese culture at home. 
My main connection to my culture is through language, food and traditions. I love Lebanese food but I guess that's my bias from my upbringing although I have to say they make awesome salads! My mother used to always call me down to watch her cook, or help her prepare the vegetables. She said I would need to learn how to cook one day so it was important to watch. As a young girl I enjoyed baking so cooking came hand in hand. I've learnt many traditional dishes from both my mother and father and I'm glad because it'll always link me to my heritage plus it's delicious. 
In Lebanon Arabic is widely spoken, even French is taught and spoken. I guess the French influence came after WW1. I never got taught French but Arabic was taught and spoken at home, I even attended Arabic school. I love the fact I'm bilingual, it's so handy and makes me feel empowered particularly when I'm in an area dominated by Middle Eastern's, or even if I want to have a private conversation with family without people prying (this is particularly handy when at the markets trying to decide if an item is worth buying or not!). 
Being able to speak Arabic was handy when travelling as well. I've been to Dubai and Morocco both Arabic speaking. Although the dialects are slightly different I felt more in control being able to communicate. Although I've never been to Lebanon I'd love to visit one day. I don't think I'd live there due to the current political circumstances in the M.E but I'd def love to explore the country and see where my roots came from."

Prepping our delish ingredients...

The best sous-chefs in Edinburgh!

And here is Sara's wonderful recipe for Fattoush, which we loved serving with grilled fish....Yummmmm...

CHOP one small iceburg lettuce or a little gem lettuce. 
- bunch of parsley and mint chopped
- 1 red pepper chopped
- handful of radishes chopped
- 3 large tomatoes chopped (or use cherry tomatoes)
- half a cucumber chopped 
- 4 spring onions finely chopped

- 1 garlic minced
- half a lemon juiced 
- 1 heaped spoon of pomegranate molasses 
- 1 spoon of sumac (optional - it's a dried berry that's been ground and used as a spice)
- drizzle of olive oil
- salt to taste 

Top with toasted flat bread 

SO simple and so delish! 

I taught Malika and Ameenah more about Lebanon using this fun Play and Learn about Lebanon book, which I ordered from Amazon.....

There are lots of fun activities which focus on Lebanese cities....

Malika particularly enjoyed learning about Baalbeck in North-Lebanon and designing her own temple, influenced by the famous Baalbeck temples...She named it Sun Sparkle!

There are also some interesting map activities which Malika and Ameenah enjoyed.....

We have had a lot of fun learning about Lebanon and would love to learn more...

Goodnight xx

This post is part of the Multi-Cultural Kids Blogs Global Education Series and you can find more on Lebanon here...

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