Wednesday 28 March 2018

Coco Chanel: Women in World History - A Multicultural Kids Blog Series

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For the 2018 Women In World History series, we decided to feature the fabulous and inspiring, Coco Chanel!  Malika has been very into fashion for many years as her Aunty Keng Keng is a fashion designer and milliner and has inspired her in the style leagues since she was a toddler!

Malika discovered the inspiring story of Coco Chanel through the amazing Little People, Big Dream series.  The story of Coco Chanel is brought to life in the book with enchanting illustrations and a simple storyline.

Malika was fascinated to hear the story of Coco, who was formerly called Gabrielle and sadly brought up in an orphanage after her mother died.  The nuns felt that Gabrielle was very different when she was growing up; whilst the other girls in the orphanage loved playing, Gabrielle loved sewing with a needle and thread.  

When Gabrielle was older she sang to make money and the people watching her called her Coco.  

Coco dreamt of designing clothes and in her dreams she saw fabulous patterns and designs!  One day she made a hat for her friend and the design was simple and very very elegant.

Eventually she opened a hat shop in Paris which became popular very quickly.  She designed clothes which were comfortable and elegant and revolutionised the way women dressed.

Coco showed women that they didn't have to wear sequins or corsets to be stylish.  Also Coco taught women that being different might make people think differently also.  

Coco Chanel was one of the most famous fashion designers that ever lived and remains one of the worlds most famed fashion icons.

Malika's book review:  "I think that Coco Chanel is a very good fashion designer and the book gives lots of good info  - I think the pictures in the book are very detailed.  I love the story about her - I think it is very interesting and you should definitely get the book.  My favourite bit is when she is in her shop creating clothes.
I also love it when she is dreaming of shapes especially the Double C's."

This wonderful short two minute film charts the rise of the young Gabrielle, who was raised in an orphanage and inspired by the austerity of the church architecture and the black and white of the nuns habit, and her rise to become the "Queen of Paris" and the liberated woman and great fashion designer Coco Chanel.
This film is an inspiring glimpse into the life of a fashion genius, who rose from a childhood of great adversity and austerity to become the one of the worlds most famous fashion designers.
How did Coco overcome her difficult childhood?  What made Coco resilient and gave her the drive to succeed in fashion and become a liberator of women's lifestyle and fashion?  Discuss with your children!

Malika: "This is my favorite Coco Chanel Quote.
I have loved fashion for a long time and I have deeply fallen in love with it.  I would like to make clothes and have a shop when I'm older.  If my customers don't have any money that is ok - I want everyone to feel happy and have a creative feeling that wearing nice clothes can give us!  Everyone has the right to have their own kind of style and money should not stop us!"

Malika received a sewing machine for a Christmas gift and we are just starting to find and buy lots of different colorful fabrics in charity shops and fabric stores.  Designing and sewing is a really creative hobby for children and is a really relaxing way to encourage your child in a creative activity.

Start small and dream big like our wonderful Coco Chanel.

Happy Easter y'all!

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