Friday, 28 March 2014

Pääsiäismyyjäiset: Tervetuloa! - Easter Sale - Welcome!

Friday night here in Hameenlinna and I am shattered after surviving my first week on true Finnish style I spent the night in the sauna until I heard the cries of "mama" from Ameenah, my one year old daughter.  It is pretty daunting to undertake a placement in a different country with two under fives but I am loving it so far...
It has been extremely intense and as I am sure all my social work friends will agree, the first three days of the placement felt like three months.
I am working with an amazing group of service users so I feel very privelleged to be here and determined to make the most of this time.  I really feel like a part of Viisari already and want to help their service provision.
We are getting ready for an Easter Sale at the moment; Maria (pictured) has been working on this Shaker style rug for the last few days and this will be available for sale at Viisari on April 9th from 10am-5pm.  Also available will be a range of handcrafted ragrugs, felted products, ceramics and woven rugs.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Tampere, Finland's third largest city which is only 40 minutes by train from here.  Apparently the trains are double-decker with a childrens playroom and slide on the top deck....childrens provision is incredible in Finland.  One thing though ... all Finnish children appear exceptionally quiet.  I am really aware at the moment of how loud we are when we're walking around the supermarket/library/downtown...what is the secret Finnish parents?  My children don't stop from six in the morning until evening time....

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