Thursday, 3 April 2014

Gabriel - chats in Viisari

Many people say I'm like an outsider in Finland because I don't like silence and I look like a Mexican...By the way do you think I look like a Mexican?

I'm here at Viisari because my teacher sent me...In school I felt like I was slowed down.

My passion is LARP (Live Action Role Play) but I don't do the dressing-up, go to the forest nerd version, i like the drawing version.  However if there is a costume party I will go as a wizard.

I started to like Manga when I was a teenager - my Aunt gave me a book so I could learn to draw Manga.  My girlfriend Essi always draws Manga - my school had a manga club but we didn't go as they just read Manga books, they don't do drawings.

I would love to make fantasy film movies.  IN the near future I would love to take a job and quit studying.  I just want to live somewhere quiet and take time to live alone.

Gabriel's girlfriend

Gabriel transformed me into an fantasy character, Warrior with sword.

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