Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Radio Valo - Helsinki

When I was up in Helsinki last weekend to interview Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat, I unexpectedly ran into the lovely Onni, the producer of Radio Valo and we had a quick chat about his show.

Radio Valo are live on Radio Helsinki every Thursday from 8-10pm and it's the first time in Finnish radio history that adults with learning disability have made programmes.  They feature a famed live Hammond player on each broadcast, Kale Salonen, who Onni tells me, is one of the best Hammond players in all of Scandinavia!  (Here's a link to his profile from the recent Funky Elephant Festival, Helsinki...)
Onni has been with Radio Valo for two years following the agreement with Radio Helsinki, and he had studied radio production at university becoming the first employee with a background in media.
Radio Valo have lots of associates internationally and in Finland and they want to encourage adults to join some of their frequently held workshops.
Onni really believes that Radio Valo is an exception in Finland and while it is an expensive service to run, it is normal media work which really matters. 
The show features interviews with different people in Helsinki as well as a slot for people to talk about their three favourite records, one of which is covered by the Hammond player Kale Salonen. 
Last year Radio Valo won best radio show of the year at the equivalent of the Radio Oscars in Finland....it was great meeting Onni and I would love to see more work like this across Finland. 

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