Thursday, 10 April 2014

Policy and Paintings

I have spent the last few days wading through the 98 page tome that is the Finland Disability Policy Programme 2010-2015.  Actually it is extremely comprehensive and interesting reading, (really!) even at nine at night when I have just got my two girls to sleep and I am feeling frazzled!

I found the part on rights to participate in cultural activities really interesting as I work alongside a very inspiring lady called Justyne who runs Artsability, which is a performance arts group for adults with disabilities across Aberdeenshire.

I was curious about cultural activities in Hameenlinna for adults with disabilty so I followed one of the clients to an art class on Tuesday at the brilliant ARX which models itself as a venue with opportunities for creators and producers of culture.  I love ARX and the art class did not disappoint; it was the last class of the session so I was lucky enough to have a viewing of all art produced in the current session some of which is for a summer exhibition in Hameenlinna while other artworks will be entered for a competition in Germany.

Kimma's brilliant collection. 

and Henri was one of the most prolific artists I have ever met...he produces two paintings most days and rearranges his collection at home when he wakes up...pictured with his collection and painter/teacher Katherine


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