Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ämyrock, Hameenlinna 2014: Who needs Glastonbury?

Ämyrock is the oldest free-of-charge rock festival in Finland, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014. It is organised by the non-profit live music association Ämy.
The first festival took place in the Kaupuginpuisto park in Hämeenlinna on the 16th of August 1974. Nearly forty years on, Ämyrock is a one-day festival with both established artists and up-and-coming local bands as well as family-friendly workshops for festival-goers of all ages.
The festival has kept its original values throughout the years: It is a non-commercial festival with ecological and ethical values, and it has worked in cooperation with the Fair Trade, Nature League and Pro Ethical Trade Finland organisations.
The 40th Ämyrock took place on the 28th of June 2014.
I loved them!  Finnish prog-rock along the lines of Thin Lizzy/ Deep Purple
Check out their latest video here...
Perhaps Ameenah isn't as into prog-rock as her mother! 
I spent more time meeting with friends than watching bands...happens every time!
Serena was Malika's teacher at the cultural centre for children ARX.... 
Malika hanging out in the (small) mosh pit...
Sometimes even a Twister won't stop the tears...
running fast from the backwoods soundsystem

Trying to guess all the languages at the Settlementi (immigration NGO) workshop...

Nailed this one!

Hameenlinna Summer Theatre
 The backwoods were so busy!

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  1. Looks like a great festival
    Great pictures of everyone
    Glastonbury has been hit by lightening. Their power was off for a while.
    Pics show it is a mud bath