Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Scottish Flag Finnish Berry Cheesecake!

We had dinner last night with my Finnish friends Säde and Taito and their beautiful baby son Taito.  The dinner was amazing with Finnish salmon on sweet island rye bread, Finnish mashed potatoes and meatballs, forest salads etc...At the end Taito produced this masterpiece, an amazing Scottish flag berry cheesecake - how cool is this!

However Malika and Ameenah were like children possessed last night... running riot, crawling under the table, whooping, screaming etc.  I love my children dearly but last night they were something else...Juhannus (Midsummer Festival) is coming up at the weekend so maybe a combination of white nights and thin curtains has turned my dear bairns into to two sleep deprived hyper maniacs!  How do you deal with your children when they are manic at a friends house?

Wow!  Supporting the Independence Bid through the medium of cheesecake!
The lovely Säde and Taito at Hameenlinna Millitary Jazz Festival x
Säde is one of Finland's top tattoo artists and she just won a Finnish entrepreneur award last week for training young tattoo artists at her school in Hameenlinna.  We love them so much!  Find her on facebook at


The Grannys, Säde and Ameenah x

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