Monday, 16 June 2014

Lotta # Idänpää Community Centre

Most Hämeenlinnan schools/ nurseries have been shut for a few weeks now for the Summer holidays  so my mum and the girls have been spending more and more time at the Idänpää Community Centre which is just opposite our apartment.  There is a range of weekly activities on offer and my mum and the  girls go to the weekly family coffee mornings to play with other local children.  My mum, Malika and Ameenah have loved spending time here and have made many warm and deep friendships...

The community centre is in one of the buildings on the ground floor of the Idänpää apartments. 

Today I caught up with Lotta, the centre leader, to find out more about this place before they shut for their summer holiday...


How long has this Community Centre been here?
Three years.

Who can attend activities here?
Anyone in Hämeenlinna can attend but it's mostly people that live nearby.

What activities do you run here?
We have crafts, English and Swedish language class, exercise class, we have doctors and nurses coming to give talks on health and of course we have family coffee mornings. 

Are these centres well funded and why is there a need for them?
Yes; they are funded by Hämeenlinna City.  There is one here and another in Ojoinen.  These places offer people somewhere to meet, drink coffee together and talk.
We can also help with computer skills and form filling.
 This area has higher unemployment than other areas, more people with alcohol problems, and old people who are isolated.  This centre gives people a place to come everyday and they can stay the whole day if they wish.  There is a real community here now and people in the area always come in and ask what they can do and what they can help with.  I am in between social work and the people who come here.  It's a good thing that I'm not a social worker!  My background is in youth work.  I really hope that more places open up like this in Hämeenlinna.

Malika and Lotta

Tervetuloa! - Welcome!

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