Friday, 16 May 2014

Back to I Heart Helsinki # 5

I have just seen on the Guardian website that Michael Gove has proposed that child protection social work should be privatised.  What the hell is that weasel thinking now?  Prick.  First he rifled almost one billion pounds from the education budget into the free school fund and now this....And did he not recently propose testing in schools for two year olds?  Friends, I despair....
(Speaking of child welfare I've just read this report on the terrible state of child welfare in Helsinki...really troubling.  Here is the link to the story
Anyway Friday night in Hameenlinna and I am recovering from a hectic week; I had my mid-point meeting last Monday which went really well followed by a talk for 1st year undergraduate social work students at HAMK university, Hameenlinna.
This week I have taught more yoga classes for addiction as well as pre-school yoga as part of my intervention plans...I am now focussing on a photography advocacy project for the second half of the placement called Photovoice.  Photovoice is a type of photography therapy as well as a charity who help build photography skills and digital storytelling with marginalised groups around the world.  Find out more here...
I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out of this and some really interesting people have come on board so lets see....Hope to produce something interesting in the next seven weeks.
We are spending the weekend in Hameenlinna this weekend and plan to go to Restaurant Day tomorrow (apparently the pop-up restaurant was invented in Finland).   We'll spend Sunday with Finnish friends at the national park Aulanko walking around with the kids and in true Finnish style having an outdoor grill.
Anyway some postcards from last weeks trip to Helsinki.  I have fallen truly and madly in love with Helsinki...My mum will have to drag me kicking and screaming from its awesome Baltic shores in July....
Brunch in massive in Helsinki and we are always seeking out new family friendly spots.  Sandro's in Kallio district, has been voted no one brunch spot in town at the moment and we really wanted to go as they serve Moroccan food; Malika really misses Omar's Moroccan tagines and breads.  It was fully booked though so we went to the classic spot Fazer in downtown Helsinki.
This place is amazing, with an excellent brunch and crammed with Moomin bits and bobs ...

and stacks of Fazer chocolate.  heaven...

for Ameenah also...

I'm getting really obsessed with Kaurasmaki and thinking of going back to Lapland in a few weeks for his Midnight Sun film festival....(this cinema is next door to Fazer's)

Malika practicing the Lion Pose from the yoga class.

Outside the classic department store Stockmann's.
We stumbled across the opening event for the Helsinki African Film Festival in the square beside the railway station; this was an Ethiopian tea tent.

INside the awesome Temppeliaukio Church also known as Church of the Rock.

Malika and Ameenah had so much fun climbing up these rocks outside the church...

Our Scandic home from home in Katajanokka, Helsinki.

Sunday in Kallio district

 spontaneous dance performance, Kallio Church
Tram 3
Selfie at the most unchild friendly gallery ever, the Kiasma.  do not bring your children here
 ok the tea room is worth a visit just to see these amazing high-chairs
much more fun to be had running up and down the slope x


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