Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My name is Malika Afif-Watt. Where Am I From? for Head of the Heard

Hyvää huomenta: Good Morning!

My name is Malika and I am from Scotland.  I am four years old.  My mummy is from Scotland and my daddy is from Morocco.  We are living in Finland for four months and at the end of the summer we will go back to Banff in Scotland.  I live in a small city called Hameenlinna one hour North of Helsinki.

I am living with Emma (my mummy), Maureen (my Granny) and my little sister Ameenah. 
My mum is doing her social work placement for her degree in Finland.

Well, I love all the nature, the trees and the forest.

Everything here is quite nice and I like all the apartments and the way they are designed.  In Banff there are no apartments.  I live in a house in Banff and it is beautiful. 
Of course I like the trains.  The trains are very lovely and they are peace and quiet.  When I went on the slide on the trains I met a new best friend.

Santa Claus Land (Lapland) is so cold but I love it because I can see Santa every day and with the snow you can make snowballs, or a sculpture or everything like that.


Helsinki is so fun and so good.  There is a lovely museum called the same name as my mum, the EMMA museum of modern art.

My school is so lovely it is called ARX ....I play with toys, go down the chute, I dance and I draw and paint...

The girl with the blue spotty dress is my little sister Ameenah.

I have had such a great time in Finland and I am so happy to have called Hameenlinna my home xx

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