Monday, 5 May 2014

Helsinki # 3: EMMA: Espoo Museum of Modern Art

After another hectic week on placement it was time to head back to Helsinki with my daughters and mum....The EMMA museum is not just named after me but one of my favourite galleries I have ever visited!  Buses run from downtown Helsinki, downstairs in the main Helsinki bus station, Kamppi - No's 106 and 110. 
I discovered this weekend that the parent/person with baby in buggy travels for free, as do children under seven on all public transport around the city.  We took the small ferry to the fortress island of Suomenlinna on Sunday and it was the same pricing.  Why can we not accommodate families like this in Edinburgh or Glasgow?  I feel a letter coming on to Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP when I return to Scotland....I have had some pretty grim experiences on the pretty pricey Scotrail....Anyhoo fantastic weekend in one of my favourite cities....
Oh and I just found this article tonight in the Helsinki Times on more preventative social work programmes for children and families
I am involved in one preventive programme here at the HAMK university which I'll talk more about later....time and time again we hear preventative programmes are the more effective way to work yet time and time again the current government don't listen and we end up with more reactive interventions.  Why the hell are we not listening to what actually works?  I am never leaving Finland!
Anyhoo back to Espoo...
Glaswegian me...

Collected Works: First major exhibition of Steiner in Finland...amazing -
Old Russian toys were absolutely stunning and made with such fine detail...Malika loved this slide and the replica Babushka house.  Ameenah was happy to sleep!
And just beside the toy museum was this brilliant collection of old 12" rare reggae records including my old-time favourites King Tubby and Burning Spear!  I can  not recommend the EMMA museum highly enough!
I mean look at the parent/ child jungle toilet!  Worth a visit to see this!

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